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League of Legends' next champion is the 'loose cannon' Jinx

The newest playable character added to Riot Games' League of Legends is Jinx, the Loose Cannon.

A renegade criminal from the city of Piltover who loves mindless, wanton destruction, Jinx has a personal vendetta against bad cop Vi and lives to taunt her.

In-game, Jinx is a ranged AD carry or marksman, whose weapon of choice is a giant minigun. Her Q swaps her gun for a rocket launcher that she calls Fishbones, giving her attacks greater range and potency at the cost of mana for every shot. Her W and E serve as crowd control, slowing enemies with an electric blast and placing snaring grenades on the ground, respectively. Her ultimate "Super Mega Death Rocket!" fires a large rocket that has unlimited range and picks up speed and damage as it travels.

Judging by her voice, Jinx appears to be a hybrid of the Joker and TF2's Heavy with a rather unique sense of humor.

Jinx is currently on the Public Beta Environment for testing and has not been given a live release date.