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Shadowrun devs reveal an undiscovered 20-year-old cheat

In a recent issue of Retro Gamer Magazine, the developers of the 1993 SNES role-playing game Shadowrun revealed a cheat that's been a secret for more than 20 years.

But with two decades of time that's passed between the development and the story, accounts differ.

"There is a cheat in the game, but I can't remember exactly how to do it," one developer said. "Basically, there is a flickering streetlight in the first street area after you wake up in the morgue. If you examine the Matchbox four times around the flickering light, you're teleported to a cheat room that contains a bunch of upgrades and gives access to all of the levels."

Another developer recalls a slightly different story.

"There is an Easter Egg in the game, a certain dance around a lamppost in the main square that was put in for Q.A," he said. "I wish I could remember the actual cheat, but it is now 20 years ago."

According to a post on GameFAQs, the cheat has been confirmed, and you can read all about GanonTEK's 10-step process for accessing the "secret debug room."

For more on the series, you can read our review for Shadowrun Returns, a crowdfunded sequel whose Android and iOS versions were released this week.

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