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Exploration survival horror title Middle of Nowhere relaunches on Kickstarter

Indie developer VisionArts has relaunched its Kickstarter campaign today for survival horror title Middle of Nowhere, in which players are dropped into a nightmarish world and must explore to find unravel a dear one's disappearance.

The developer's funding goal of £25,000 will help the team finish the game and launch it as a downloadable title, "possible from Steam and other similar options," according to the page. The game is being developing for Windows PC with the Unity engine and will be a single-player, first-person, story-driven experience. The proposed budget for the game, the team writes, will ensure that they make the game "right."

"Our experience thus far has led us to learn a lot about game development and has shown us the importance of working directly with gamers," reads the page. "We want to listen and create a game that you'll love. We would like to take inspiration from the hearts of classic games, combine it and make a unique game. Fortunately, we don't want to go down the publisher route at all, we make development decisions and so in the process of Middle of Nowhere we can listen to the best publishers of all — you."

Middle of Nowhere is set in a "beautiful but troubled" generic North American town in 2020. Players will assume the role of Isaac Newman, who travels to said town to find his missing brother, Dr. Aleister Newman. The doctor came to the town to treat a young girl with a mysterious condition, but never returned home. Isaac will be put through the traditional ringer of horrific encounters, and his "sanity is tested" as he learns the truth behind his brother's disappearance.

The Kickstarter page currently includes a dozen pieces of concept artwork and video walkthroughs of artists creating areas of the games. Potential backers can also enjoy six pieces of background music composed by VisionArts' founder Aaron Wilde.

The campaign was initially posted, then canceled, in July due to a "low fanbase" and lack of funding. VisionArts promised to relaunch the campaign in the future shortly after. The team is also currently offering a free demo of Middle of Nowhere for Windows PC players via the Kickstarter page.

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