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MLG Championship to feature first Call of Duty: Ghosts competition

The Major League Game Championship competition being held in Columbus, Ohio in November will feature the first ever tournament for Call of Duty: Ghosts, event organizers announced today.

MLG Championship Columbus will take place Nov. 22 through 24 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Registration is open now for the event, where up to 108 teams will be able to participate in head-to-head matches with the Xbox 360 version of Ghosts.

The open bracket portion of the 108-team tournament includes 96 teams; these will be joined by the top eight registered teams in Columbus that are part of the North American rankings for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Pro Points Rankings on Xbox 360 (as of Nov. 5) and the top four registered Columbus teams from Ghosts Pro Points Rankings (as of Nov. 19). These teams will all be given a shot at a $50,000 prize pool, with the first place team taking home $20,000.

Passes for attendees in various tiers, from general admission to VIP, are currently available through the MLG Store. General admissions passes begin at $35, while VIP passes cost $250. All passes cover attendees for the full weekend of events, including the $50,000 prize pool Dota 2 tournament.

Details regarding other on-site activities, include the the upcoming new games of which attendees will get sneak peeks, will be shared soon.

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