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Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition's extra scene detailed

Beyond: Two Souls' Special Edition will include an additional playable scene called "Advanced Experiments," which Sony Computer Entertainment Europe project manager Ross Alexander detailed today on the PlayStation Blog.

The 30-minute scene will put the game's heroine, Jodie, and Aiden, her mysterious companion, through a series of training missions.

"Over the course of 30 minutes of additional play, you'll determine your ability to use your brain while keeping an ice-cool head in high-pressure situations — all while helping Jodie and Aiden collaborate to solve puzzles," Alexander wrote.

Sony announced its pre-order plans for Beyond: Two Souls earlier this year. The Special Edition includes a Steelbook case, behind the scenes videos, the soundtrack and more.

Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls is scheduled for an Oct. 8 release on PlayStation 3. To get a feel for what's to come, you can see half an hour of gameplay in a video released this week.

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