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X Rebirth trailer teaches you how to become an interstellar mogul

A new trailer for X Rebirth is all about the intricacies of trading and the game's interstellar economy.

There are two types of trading in X Rebirth. The first involves the player using his or her own ship to transport a limited quantity of material items, picking up from one port and selling them at another.

The second, however, sees the player become more of an interplanetary trade magnate with a fleet of cargo ships. The player seeks out contracts to buy and sell in bulk, gives orders to a ship in his or her fleet, drones load the ship and it departs for its destination.

The economy isn't simply shaped by principles of supply-and-demand, however. In X Rebirth, things like pirates preying on freighters or a factory's cooling system being on the fritz can affect prices at stations on the other side of space. This serves to tie players who just play for the action to the economy, making their battles have actual impact on the world around them.

X Rebirth hits PC on Nov. 15.

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