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Space Qube for iOS now available worldwide with 3D on-demand printing

Voxel-based space shooter Space Qube is now available worldwide for iOS, developer Qubit Games has announced, letting players build custom, cube-based ships in the battle against space evil. The game's latest update (version 1.1) also adds the option to turn your in-game creations into 3D printed objects.

Space Qube features an in-game voxel editor that lets players create the spaceship of their dreams — whether that's an original creation, a Vic Viper lookalike, a reindeer or a hamburger — then shoot at aliens, arcade-style. Players can share their voxel-based creations online, download the ships of others and order custom prints of in-game objects with one click.

Here's a sample photo of what Space Qube's 3D-printed objects look like.


Space Qube is currently $0.99 through the iTunes App Store for iPhone 4 and above, iPad 2 and above and iPod 5.

For more on Space Qube, read our interview with the game's creators.

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