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Here's what you need to know for Saturday, Sept. 28

Valve announces Steam Controller

In its last major announcement for the week, Valve shared that the company has been working for the past year on a Steam Controller, which will be compatible with games built for regular controller use as well as designed for keyboard and mouse controls. The controller's most notable features are its two trackpads in place of analog sticks, which can also be clicked or pushed like buttons, and an HD touchscreen in the middle. Valve is planning to share more design details for its controller, Steam Machines and SteamOS next week.

China creates Shanghai-based free trade zone, ending game console ban

China's State Council announced a new free trade zone in Shanghai that will allow foreign companies that run production and sales within the zone to sell game consoles. The Council will govern the "experimental" zone with a set of regulations that will assist in enforcing protocol over the next two or three years.

Why Houser believes GTA Online fixes Rockstar's online woes

Rockstar's Dan Houser said multiplayer games still don't have as big an audience as single-player experiences, but with Grand Theft Auto Online the company is hoping to bring its fans the best of both worlds. The open-world experience is meant to be shared with friends online, Houser said, as that ability to roam freely and tailor your own experience is what separates games from other media.

Apogee: the one-man online game publisher of 1987

Scott Miller pioneered shareware — launching a part of a game for free and making players pay to obtain the rest — in the 1980s. But in its beginnings, the system was the Apogee business model, the system set up by Miller's publishing company Apogee. Our latest feature explores Apogee's roots in friendly rivalries and a companionship with the newly-minted id Software, to its place in the growing market and how it coped with so many other companies adopting their model. Apogee filed for bankruptcy in 2009, buts its legacy lives on, as Miller and his team work to create new experiences under the label of 3D Realms.

The next level of puzzles.

Take a break from your day by playing a puzzle or two! We’ve got SpellTower, Typeshift, crosswords, and more.