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Sugiyama replaces longtime series producer Ayano on Ultra Street Fighter 4

Longtime Street Fighter producer Tomoaki Ayano is handing production of Ultra Street Fighter 4 over to Kohichi Sugiyama, he announced via Capcom Unity.

The news came as part of Ayano's post on how the Ultra Street Fighter 4 logo was created. His replacement, Sugiyama, has been an "integral part of Capcom's fighting game team to date," Ayano wrote. The former series producer will continue work on front-line development.

"My schedule will be more flexible so I can devote even more time getting to know all our fans," Ayano wrote.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 was announced in July. It will be available as a downloadable add-on for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012 and includes several new fighters, stages and more.

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