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Bugbear's demolition derby-styled game coming early 2014, pre-orders open now

Creators of stunt racing franchise FlatOut, Bugbear Entertainment, is set to release its demolition derby-styled Next Car Game in early spring 2014 for Windows PC as download-only title, the developers announced today.

Pre-orders for the title are open now and a "sneak peek" of the game will be released once pre-orders hit 10,000. Those who pre-order now will receive exclusive content and early access to an Alpha-build expected for release later this year.

Pre-order tiers range from Weekend Smasher for $25, which includes the game and early access, to the Bugbear Vehicle Artist package for $1,000.  The thousand dollar tier includes perks in the lower packages, alongside the invitation to design a car paintjob, a “Special Guest Vehicle Artist” credit and a forum badge.

Bugbear released a teaser trailer for the game in February, saying the game goes "back to our roots, just like all of our fans have been asking us to do."

"We've been overwhelmed by the excited fan reaction to the teaser trailer we released in February," Bugbear's creative director and CEO, Janne Alanenpää said in a statement. "It showed us that there's a dedicated fan base out there that are long overdue for a game that they want. That lead us to think that we should make the game together with the fans, to make sure they will have the game they want."

During Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal that same month, the studio was mentioned on the game developer list for the next-generation console. To see Next Car Game in action, be sure to check out the latest trailer below.

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