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Hotline Miami live-action short film turns to crowdfunding

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Director and writer Saman Kesh has turned to crowdfunding to get his latest project off the ground: a live-action short film based on Dennaton Games' bloody top-down action title Hotline Miami.

According to the campaign page, Kesh aims to recreate Hotline Miami's "ferociously energetic gameplay, sexy '80s art direction and amazing soundtrack" into a character-driven period piece inspired by the title. The film won't be a "kitschy '80s flashback" but will seek to replicate and "honor" the passion developer Dennaton Games has shown for its game.

The page notes that Dennaton and publisher Devolver Digital are not affiliated with the project in any way, but promises that the film will be "always neon, always stylish." Funding made through Indiegogo will go towards the game's complex art direction, which the page notes will require a large chunk of the budget. This includes wardrobe, vehicles, the soundtrack and "lots of killer stunts."

The campaign, which launched last week, is asking for $50,000 to make the film. At the time of writing, Kesh's project has received a little over $1,700, with 25 days left for funding.

Update: When reached for comment, a representative for Devolver Digital told Polygon that while Devolver and Dennaton are aware of the project, they are not "involved in any capacity," but "wish them the best of luck."

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