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Grand Theft Auto 5 Banshee made into real sports car you can win

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The Bravado Banshee is one of the most well-known vehicles from the Grand Theft Auto series, and now you can win a real-life recreation of its 2013 model from Grand Theft Auto 5.

Rockstar Games had West Coast Customs, the car remodeling shop featured on MTV's Pimp My Ride, build what the studio calls a "screen-accurate reproduction" of the Dodge Viper-esque two-seat sports car. West Coast Customs cut and machined molds for exterior panels and overlaid them on an existing 2013 used car; there's no word on the make and model of the actual vehicle under the hood.

The company also designed the interior to match the game model, with carbon inlays for the dashboard, door panels and center console as well as leather seats. On the outside, the Banshee is finished with a metallic blue coat of paint and a white racing stripe down the middle. You can see 11 photos of the car in the gallery above.

GameStop is giving away the unique car in its PowerUp Rewards Epic Reward Giveaway for the month of September. PowerUp Rewards members get one entry into the sweepstakes with each in-store or online transaction during the month, while PowerUp Rewards Pro members get two entries per transaction; members can also spend reward points on contest entries.

The winner of the contest will receive the customized Banshee, which is valued at $180,000 — again, it's a real sports car that you can drive — and a check for $70,000.

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