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Project Phoenix surpasses second stretch goal

Squad-based Japanese role-playing game Project Phoenix surpassed its second stretch-funding goal of $650,000 and will now feature more detailed cities, Creative Intelligence Arts announced via Kickstarter.

In Project Phoenix, a ragtag group of heroes bands together to save their world. It will feature terrain-heavy combat and character classes. When the game launches, thanks to the second stretch goal, players will be able to customize the hair, gender, skin color and more of "non-main characters." Other additions include more Easter eggs and special NPCs.

Creative Intelligence also announced that the game will undergo German localization through the help of a separate team.

Funding for Project Phoenix will end Sept. 11. The project has already collected more than $700,000 of its $100,000 goal with the help of 11,000 backers. The game is currently being developed for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android and is expected to launch in 2015.

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