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Chinese MMO Wartune coming to mobile in U.S.

Chinese multiplayer RPG Wartune is set to be published on mobile devices in the U.S., following a deal with Kabam, reports VentureBeat.

7th Road, which created the web-based adventure, is handling mobile development along with Hoolai Games. Wartune combines character development, questing, farming band building in a turn-based PvE and PvE environment.

Wartune hit the news earlier this year when games rating board ESRB criticized its publisher for boasting about an adult AI rating in its online adverts, when the game had no such rating.

Silicon Valley-based Kabam has invested heavily in bringing Asian games to the West. "Kabam's mobile license for Wartune is another indication of how we are taking the lead in mobile core games," said president of Kabam Distribution Amit Ranade. "Asian game developers have come to appreciate Kabam as a distribution partner they can trust to expose their titles to the huge markets outside of their home countries."

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