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Splinter Cell: Blacklist actors go behind-the-scenes in Fan Expo 2013 panel

A new video shows 48 minutes of a panel from Fan Expo Canada in which members of the Splinter Cell: Blacklist cast and crew discuss what it was like to work on the game.

The panel features Cinematics Director David Footman and three actors: Eric Johnson (Sam Fisher), Kate Drummond (Anna Grimsdottir) and David Reale (Charlie Cole). In addition to lending their voices to the game, the three also provided motion-capture duties, which Footman says made it easier as a director to set a scene.

In Polygon's official review, we found that the game's story and cast were "sympathetic to a point but wandering through the streets of Benghazi and some of the most controversy-laden locations of the modern news cycle, I had a hard time distinguishing where inspiration ended and exploitation began."

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