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Heavy Rain originally turned down by Microsoft due to child kidnapping themes

Prior to its release as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2010, Heavy Rain was turned down by Microsoft due to themes of kidnapping children, Quantic Dream founder David Cage revealed during today's BAFTA games lecture in London.

Microsoft initially aimed to work with the French studio after the release of Fahrenheit, Quantic Dream's earlier interactive drama launched in 2005. "They really loved Fahrenheit," said Cage, "and they really wanted to do something with us." Despite interest in the studio, Cage states Microsoft "got scared" over the subject matter of the game which revolves around the kidnapping of a child. "They didn't want the scandal," said Cage.

"Microsoft is a great company, I'm not complaining or criticizing," he added, stating both companies had different visions of what they wanted to achieve with Heavy Rain. Describing the experience, Cage said, "it was like, you know, we really can't work together."

The studio would later begin a working relationship with Sony, a publisher that Cage said was more receptive to the developer's potentially controversial themes for the game. According to Cage, the studio was able to describe to Sony that Heavy Rain "can be really emotional experience, but [its themes] shouldn't be vulgar," adding that both studio and publisher "could understand each other and this is how Heavy Rain happened."

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