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DC Universe Online: Sons of Trigon DLC launches today

The eighth DLC pack for DC Universe Online, Sons of Trigon, is now available for players to download for free on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC, the game's executive producer Larry Liberty announced today.

Sons of Trigon follows the core game's Sins of the Father storyline where demon lord Trigon was attempting to break free from his imprisonment to destroy Earth. Players can choose to use the demon's power for their own advantage or stop it.

According to the game's creative head Jens Andersen, players will "get to explore a nightmare version of Gotham" and finally get answers to questions left unresolved since the game's launch more than two years ago.

Sons of Trigon features 34 new base items, Celestial: Healer/Damage powertype and new solo daily missions in the Gotham Wastelands. Along with new weekly bounties, new group content includes three duos consisting of the ruined Cathedral featuring Wrath, Knightsdome Arena with Envy and the Tunnel of Lust featuring Lust.

New gear introduced in Sons of Trigon includes the Raven-inspired Prideful and Exalted powertype-inspired suits for Heroes, as well as Blood-inspired Blood-Cursed and Corrupted powertype-inspired suits for Villains. More details about the new content is located on the official PlayStation blog.

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