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The Dead Linger now on Steam Early Access

Indie developer Sandswept Studio's multiplayer survival-horror game, The Dead Linger, is available on Steam Early Access for $19.99 and $59.99 for a pack of four licences.

According to the game's description, The Dead Linger is set on a procedurally generated "a planet-sized world," riddled with zombie hordes. Currently in alpha, players can scavenge, construct barricades, build fires and access a basic item crafting system. The beta version will release for $24.99 at a future date and will introduce vehicles, friendly NPCs, improved zombie AI and pathing, along with additions to the crafting system and character customization.

Sandswept aim to release updates approximately once every two weeks, along with developer video blogs to keep early access players updated. The studio reminds players that as the game is in alpha, the title still has bugs and missing features, and invites those interested to suggest feedback via its official forums.

Mac, Linux and DRM-free versions of The Dead Linger will be available upon its full release for $29.99.

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