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Spend a day in the life of Anne Frank in this student-made game

A new "interactive experience" from a German game designer lets players learn what it was like to be Anne Frank, reports Deutsche Welle.

Kira Resari, the German developer behind Anne Frank, built a prototype of the game as his bachelor's thesis while he was studying game design at the Macromedia College in Munich. It takes place over the course of one day, Oct. 20, 1942, with the player able to interact with Frank's sister and parents as well as the van Pels family, the people with whom the Franks were hiding.

"It's not really about having fun," Resari told Deustsche Welle. "Instead of action I want to create emotions. What does it feel like to live in 50 square meters with seven people and a cat? The game places special emphasis on social relations."

For now, Anne Frank is a prototype, and Resari is not planning to market it commercially.

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