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Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts to speak at GDC Next 2013

Video game designer Chris Roberts will deliver a talk on the community-building lessons learned while crowdfunding his latest title, Star Citizen, during GDC Next 2013, Gamasutra reports.

GDC Next is a developer conference that focuses on the future of gaming. It features several tracks of talks, including Cloud Gaming, Next Generation Platforms and New Business Models. During Roberts' talk, the designer will touch on the community cultivation methods that made his company's fundraising campaign so successful. Since initial funding efforts in October of last year, space exploration sim Star Citizen has raised more than $20 million.

Kongregate chief operating officer Emily Greer will also deliver a talk on the best and worst practices for analytics.

GDC Next 2013 takes place in Los Angeles, Calif., from Nov. 5 - 6. The conference will include talks from former Microsoft game director Adam Orth, thatgamecompany and Disney.

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