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World Zombination beta coming early next year, full launch in spring

A beta for Boston-based indie developer Proletariat's faction-based strategy game, World Zombination, will arrive early next year followed by a full launch in spring 2014, the company's CEO Seth Sivak told Joystiq during PAX Prime.

The game is currently in development for tablets, mobile devices and PC. World Zombination will arrive on iPad and Android tablets first, followed by a launch on smartphones, then a release on Windows PC and Mac.

"I think we'll try to target the iPad 2, but we'll certainly do iPad 3, 4 and whatever's coming next," Sivak told Joystiq. "It'll be playable on the phone, as well. We're building it foremost to be a tablet experience but we'll bring it across platforms. It'll be a universal app and it's a shared world across devices."

Proletariat unveiled World Zombination in August. Sivak told Polygon at the time that the studio plans "to run the game as a living entity with a constant supply for new missions, units and gameplay types."

Sivak told Joystiq that the studio is currently looking at two pricing models, the first being a premium to purchase the game "because it is kind of like an MMO, some amount of paying for new content like when we release new units and things like that." The second is a free-to-play-esque model "like how the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer was" where players could unlock and buy booster packs.

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