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XCOM: Enemy Within narrated gameplay video punches evil aliens

A new narrated gameplay video for XCOM: Enemy Within shows off how new soldier abilities and weapons can make short work of invading aliens.

After two rookies (coincidentally clad in red, of course) meet grisly ends, it's time to send in a new squad: two genetically-enhanced soldiers and one equipped with the MECH power exoskeleton. The MECH soldier is able to destroy cover albeit at a high ammunition cost, and the team's sniper capable of leaping to great heights without a ladder, thanks to her augmentations.

The MECH soldier also boasts impressive melee prowess, dealing half of a Berserker's life in damage in a single punch. Of course, as the end of the video shows, the alien invaders have their own exoskeleton-equipped troops as well.

XCOM: Enemy Within will launch on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC on Nov. 12. In the meantime, read Polygon's interview with the man who narrated the above video, lead designer Ananda Gupta.

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