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Imagination is the Only Escape seeks to educate about the Holocaust through a game

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Since 2008, Luc Bernard has been working on a game that tells the story of an atrocity from the perspective of a child.

According to Bernard, the game's creative director who's looking for crowdfunding support on Indiegogo, Imagination is the Only Escape is "an interactive story about the Holocaust." Set during the Nazi occupation of France, players take on the role of a Jewish boy named Samuel who uses his imagination and a nearby forest to escape his circumstances.

In the video above, Bernard says that he wants to "tackle more important moments in history" through video games. He points out that many shooters have explored the military side of World War II, but few about how the "true horrors of war" impacted the people.

"I felt that this was something video games could handle that no other medium could," Bernard told The Verge recently. "In the sense that, when you're watching a film or reading a book, you're passive. Whereas with video games you get to spend hours with this child and control him, and you become more attached to the character. So when all the bad things happen, you're going to feel it a lot more than with passive entertainment."

As of this writing, the Indiegogo campaign for the Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC game, has raised $1,704 of its $125,000 goal with 43 days remaining. You can watch Bernard's full pitch in the video above.

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