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2K Drive now available worldwide for iOS devices

2K Drive is now available worldwide for $6.99 from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, 2K and Lucid Games announced today.

The racing title features single and multiplayer modes, more than 100 events and 25 tracks in five different environments. Users can put their own face on an avatar using the "RaceFace" function, which also allows players to see the faces of friends who use the feature in asynchronous multiplayer. 2K Drive features more than 25 licensed cars, from manufacturers including Dodge, Fiat, Ford, GM, Icon, Local Motors, Mazda, McLaren, Nissan and So-Cal.

2K producer Dan Schmittou told Polygon that every car performs differently as a result of the game's core focus on physics and that car choices impact on how races play out, as every vehicle simulates real-life physics. Check out the game's trailer above to see the car physics in action.

"2K Drive was designed to offer the most comprehensive driving simulation experience in today's mobile market," president of 2K said in a statement. "The game successfully combines the appeal of a premier console racing game with some of the leading automotive editorial content available on the web, to create an all-inclusive entertainment hub for auto-enthusiasts."

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