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Watch a parkour expert make Mirror's Edge a reality

Although his trainers aren't red, parkour athlete Neil Cointe took to the rooftops of Cambridge to show viewers what a real-life run in Mirror's Edge looks like.

Cointe, dressed as closely as possible to protagonist Faith, positions the camera in a way that mimics the game's camera view. Watch as he runs across thin ledges, makes some nerve-shaking jumps and climbs up the side of a building grasping only window ledges — all as gracefully as DICE's heroine.

Conte's video is produced by his free-running troupe Ampisound, who are also fans of DICE's 2008 title. According to the video's description, the troupe decided to create this first-person point of view Mirror's Edge video after Electronic Arts announced Mirror's Edge 2 during E3 2013. If this video is well received, the troupe writes, they have plans for a second video in the works.

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