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GamePad-like handheld that streams console content turns to Kickstarter

Advanced Gaming Solutions is aiming to create an offscreen gaming solution for consoles and PCs similar to what the GamePad does for the Wii U, according to the Kickstarter page for its latest creation, the Cross Plane.

Advancing Gaming is looking for $350,000 to build the Cross Plane, which looks like a GamePad but is designed to function as both the screen and controller similar to the PlayStation Vita. The screen is 7 inches long and displayed at 720p, and controls include a d-pad, two thumbsticks and an assortment of buttons — although there are no microphones, cameras or touch sensors.

The Cross Plane uses an HDMI receiver/transmitter to stream wirelessly from a console, PC or TV and will include a rumble feature. Gaming consoles the device is currently compatible with include Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Ouya. Users will also be able to stream Netflix, Hulu and other entertainment apps from their console to the Cross Plane.

According to the campaign page, the vision for the Cross Plane is to create a "'hand-in-hand' companion" to all users' home devices, although current focus is marketing the device as a wireless gaming controller.

At the time of writing, the project had made a little more than $11,200 of its funding goal. For rewards, the $349 tier is the lowest that will net backers a Cross Plane should the campaign reach its goal. If funding is met, Advanced Gaming Solutions plans to launch the Cross Plane in May 2014.

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