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The Banner Saga devs may return to Kickstarter, but with a new approach

The developers of The Banner Saga at Stoic Games may return to Kickstarter to crowdfund future projects, according to an interview with Rock, Paper Shotgun.

Stoic's strategy role-playing game was funded through Kickstarter in April 2012 after raising $723,886 of its initial $100,000 goal. That process not only funded the game, but built a community of people interested in The Banner Saga, technical director John Watson said.

"They're our advocates," he said. "They're on our side. They're part of the team. A lot of them came to our website and became members of the forum. So Kickstarter would be a good opportunity to build up that again. Take it further. It's also a good way to get out exclusive cool artwork and stuff. It doesn't necessarily need to be about funding the game."

Though the developers didn't announce another crowdfunding campaign, art director Arnie Jorgensen said that "there are a couple things we'd definitely want to do differently. One [is] that we'd hold off on doing our Kickstarter until we're further into production. We realized people don't want to wait a year for their game. We'd wait until we knew our ship date."

For more on the Kickstarter-funded RPG, be sure to check out Polygon's interview with the developers.

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