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Endless waves of Martians attack earth in Romans from Mars

Romans from Mars launching soon

Majesco will soon launch Romans from Mars, an endless wave castle defense game for iOS and Android devices where players will have to defend earth from waves of brainwashed Martians.

The game begins when Mars, the god of war, is banished from earth by Jupiter and retaliates by going to the planet Mars, brainwashing its inhabitants and bringing them to earth to destroy Jupiter. The player, taking on the role of a lowly Roman soldier with a crossbow, has to hold the line and defend Jupiter's castle.

The horde of enemy Martians will come in waves and players will have to factor in the bow's travel time when they're shooting at enemies. The game's early levels will throw small, slow and manageable hordes at the player, but as the levels advance, more Martian types will emerge and the screen will become utter chaos.

Players will be able to call upon some of Jupiter's elemental powers to help them during moments of desperation by holding down their finger on the screen to strike a bolt of lightning onto the Martians. Other elemental powers include ice, fire and earth.

In more difficult stages, players will have to start learning the patterns that the enemies move in and their different behaviors, and this will have to be matched by fast player reflexes, switching between using the crossbow and raining down elemental attacks.

Romans from Mars will have more than 120 levels. Every elemental power and weapon will be upgradable using coins, and coins can be earned through playing the game.

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