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Marvel Heroes Game Update 1.2 unleashes Emma Frost, overhauled defense system and more

Marvel Heroes, Gazillion's free-to-play action role-playing game, received Game Update 1.2 featuring the Emma Frost hero pack, difficulty modes, a defense system overhaul, new unique items and more.

Game Update 1.2, the game's biggest patch to date, introduces an overhauled defense system featuring improvements on how the Crit and Dodge ratings work. A new starting quest, where players are tasked with stopping an ongoing bank heist in Queens, is also integrated.

The new content includes two new item types: stackable relics, which add bonus stats to heroes and unique items that can be slotted in any of the 5 basic item slots to expand abilities. Players can now unlock Heroic and Super Heroic modes for all heroes. Heroic or Superheroic modes award better loot, increased experience, new enemies and challenges.

The Emma Frost hero pack is available for purchase for $17.99 and features an Omega level telepath skills, including the ability to mind control enemies to become minions. The full patch notes for Game Update 1.2 are available on the Marvel Heroes website.

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