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Sony UK reveals the £1,299 HMZ-T3 3D head-mounted display

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Sony revealed its third-generation 3D head-mounted display, the HMZ-T3, which retails for £1,299 (approximately $2030) and supports gaming with PlayStation 3 and Windows PC.

The head-mounted display can also be used with smartphones for video playback. Supporting 60GHz wireless transmissions, the HMZ-T3 consists of dual 720p OLED displays and touts 7.1 channel surround sound.

The device's lithium battery has a three-hour lifespan with a wireless HD connection and lasts seven hours with an HDMI connection, according to Sony. The head-mounted unit weighs roughly 320g, not including the cable, battery and processor units. Be sure to check out The Verge's hands-on with the head-mounted display.

Sony unveiled its first generation headset, the HMZ-T1, in Jan. 2011. The HMZ-T2 was demoed at last year's Tokyo Game Show, where The Verge went hands-on with it in conjunction with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance on PlayStation 3.

Sony is expected to unveil another new headset to complement the PlayStation 4 at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. According to reports, Sony had initially planned to reveal the headset at Gamescom last month, but pulled the announcement at the last minute.