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Ping 2 coming to Wii U with help from Kickstarter funding

A sequel to Ping, an 8-bit puzzle game based on Pong for Android devices, is slated for Nintendo's Wii U, according to a tweet from developer Christopher Arnold.

The game will be funded in part through crowdfunding, with help from users on Kickstarter, said Arbold in a post. "I'm officially a Nintendo Wii U Developer,W he wrote. "I just got approved today. -Dream Achieved at Age 22.- Look forward to #Ping2 coming to Wii U.

"To help pay off associated fees with becoming a bigger developer and creating a game for a console, I'll be starting a #Kickstarter soon."

The original Android release of Ping is currently available with 72 playable levels, and offers a take on the Atari classic Pong. As for now, there is no word on the title's Wii U launch date.

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