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The Besties 70 - The avuncular episode

Frushtick is an uncle!

Yes, the man of a thousand roles has a new one: the grown-up responsible for introducing a child to video games. Congratulations to Russ and the Frushtick clan.

We return after a holiday hiatus to discuss everything from a life-affirming platformer to a bowel-purging horror simulator. We apologize upfront for any and all bathroom humor.

How did you spend your final days of summer? What did you eat? I ate southern fried food for five consecutive days and my internal organs are now at war with one another. Whoever wins, I lose!

  • 3:23 - Best dose of untarnished joy (the music levels in Rayman Legends)
  • 12:40 - Best virtual colonic (Outlast)
  • 21:24 - Halftime!
  • 26:22 - Best Gauntlet reboot (Hammerwatch)
  • 31:12 - Best tie-in surprise (Splinter Cell: Spider-Bot)
  • 38:15 - The winner is...

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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