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Major TERA: Rising update, Dungeon Assault, coming Sept. 10

TERA: Rising developer Bluehole Studio will deliver the game's next major update, Dungeon Assault, on Sept. 10, bringing four new dungeons to the action MMO, publisher En Masse Entertainment announced today.

Wonderholme is a co-op dungeon for 10 players set in the eponymous castle, which is ruled by Bandersnatch. He's taken the head researcher hostage, so it's up to you to rescue her. Channelworks, a three-player mission set in the sewers beneath the Veritas District, tasks you with clearing out the monsters in the area. In Kezzelworks, you and six other players will team up to defend a trade route from a giant using environmental traps. And Shattered Fleet is a five-player battle against BAMs — Big Ass Monsters — set among the wreckage of ships.

Dungeon Assault will also allow you to level up Conjunct, Visionmaker and Bloodrave armor sets, and if you can make it to the end of the dungeons, you'll collect some rare loot.

TERA: Rising is the free-to-play version of the MMO that launched as TERA on Windows PC in May 2012. For more on the content contained in Dungeon Assault, check out 12 screenshots above and four trailers below.

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