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Nexon Computer Museum honors gaming's rich heritage

The Nexon Computer Museum opened on July 27 on the Korean island of Jeju. Featuring machines from over 40 years of computing and gaming, it runs the gamut from 1970s home computers to Virtual Reality gaming systems. Reddit user misteralanyo visited the museum and brought back these snaps.

"Everything inside this museum can be experienced," said museum manager Choi Jung-hye, in an interview with Korea Times. "This is not like the ordinary museums where items are put inside cases. Here, it's all touchable."

"Some visitors question why a game company like Nexon would open a computer museum," offered a Nexon spokesperson. "Well, the owners of many game companies, like Nexon founder Kim Jung-ju, were trained in computer science in college. Of course they were immersed in computers. They grew up playing games through computers. To them, the two are inseparable."

More photos and captions over on Reddit.

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