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GTA 5 site update shows off new cartoons, in-game TV shows

A new update to the fictional Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Travelogue (also known as the Grand Theft Auto 5 website) includes some of the entertainment options visitors and residents of Los Santos have available to them.

Under the heading "Fitness & Relaxation," the site highlights sports like hiking, tennis and swimming in the series' customary satirical tone, accompanied by a commercial for Egochaser energy bars. The "Security & Peace of Mind" section relates why one should (or shouldn't) feel safe in the hands of the Los Santos police and security guards, and the "Exciting Music and Entertainment" section highlights the many radio stations available in the game.

The aforementioned section also has commercials for some of the in-game TV shows, like reality crime series "The Underbelly of Paradise" and cartoon superhero show "Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce."

The site update is accompanied by 8 new screens which show the game's trio of protagonists shooting guns, riding motorcycles or just looking intimidating with a massive wrench.