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Star Citizen will add first-person combat at $20M stretch goal

Star Citizen will include first-person combat "on select lawless planets" if it reaches $20 million in funding, according to a post on the Roberts Space Industry website.

If Star Citizen reaches the goal, Cloud Imperium Games will add "First person combat on select lawless planets," according to the post. "Don't just battle on space stations and platforms ... take the fight to the ground!"

Chris Roberts' massively multiplayer game launched on Kickstarter last October. Star Citizen passed the $15 million milestone early last month and added a new ship class and a 42-page digital manual. The recent RSI post was written after Star Citizen surpassed $18 million in funding, which unlocked a star system available to those who backed before hitting the stretch goal.

Assuming Star Citizen continues to receive donations, milestones will continue but take a different, as of yet unannounced form.

"While goals will continue after $21 million," the post reads, "they will take a new form representative of what additional funding can add to the game!"

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