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StarCraft 2 WCS season 3 premium subscriptions now available

Premium subscriptions are now available for the third season of StarCraft 2's World Championship Series in American and Europe, according to a recent post.

The $9.99 premium subscriptions grant viewers access to two "Source" bitrate options — 1080p+ "if available" and 720p+ — both of which will run in addition to free 720p, 480p, 320p streams. Purchasers will also receive a WCS subscriber icon that appears next to their Twitch username, alongside eight new StarCraft 2-styled emoticons.

The American subscription will include more than 120 hours of live content and the European subscription will cover more than 80 hours of live content until Oct. 24, 2013. Those interested can purchase a subscription clicking the links above, logging into Twitch and clicking the purple "subscribe" button on the channel.

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