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Curiosity winner to receive 'uncapped' portion of Godus' profits

The winner of the cube-clicking game Curiosity and impending god of 22Cans' upcoming god game, Godus, will receive an uncapped portion of the game's profits, developer Peter Molyneux told Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

"It's probably best if I don't give an exact percentage, but it's got to be financially worthwhile, because it's got to be something that you aspire to do," Molyneux said when asked what percentage of profits will be awarded. "But it's more than a percent. We can vary it as we see fit. But it's not capped at all. Even though there was a debate about how it should be capped."

For reaching the end of 22 Cans' Curiosity experiment, player Bryan Henderson won a period where he will be god of Godus ranging from no less "than a few months" to not more than a year. The god role will be allocated to someone else after Henderson's reign.

Godus will hit Steam Early Access on Sept.13, according to the developer, with the iPad version coming at the end of October and the Android version launching two weeks after that.

"That means it's not just going to be PC and Mac," Molyneux said. "He gets all that money from all those versions. I don't know how many it's going to sell. It's 19 bucks. 19 bucks, if it sells 100,000, it's a nice amount of money. If it sells a lot more, who knows?"

By inspiring their followers to advance and evolve, Godus will allow players to guide their civilization from the primitive age right up to the space age. For more information about Godus, be sure to check out our preview where we chat to Molyneux about relationship between the player and the in-game citizens.

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