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Get a glimpse of redesigned PS Vita in Sony's PS4 teaser

Sony's latest marketing video for its next generation of hardware offers a glimpse of the new PlayStation Vita model, showing off its crossplay capabilities with the upcoming PlayStation 4 system.

You can also get a look at God Eater 2 on the handheld system, recently announced as part of a hardware bundle with the new model series.

The new PS Vita was announced today during the PlayStation conference in Japan. The PCH-2000 series is 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter than current PS Vita models. It features a 5-inch LCD display, alongside a 1 GB memory card and an expanded battery life that takes its full battery life to six hours. The redesign comes in white, blue, yellow, pink, grey and black colored models and is said to offer more casual usability.

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