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Arcane Green Lantern is the newest Infinite Crisis champion

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The latest playable champion in Infinite Crisis, the upcoming multiplayer online battle arena title from Turbine, is Arcane Green Lantern, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today.

Arcane Green Lantern is a defense- and support-focused character. One of his skills, Emerald Lantern, tosses out a lantern that deals area-of-effect damage and aids the armor of allies in the area. Another option, Emerald Light, helps allies regain health over time. Construct Champion sends forth a stained-glass knight to deal power damage, and Shackles keeps enemies at bay. His ultimate skill, Deny the Black, amplifies his other abilities.

You can watch the preview video above to get a sense of Arcane Green Lantern's skill set before he's available in Infinite Crisis on Sept. 16. The game is currently in closed beta; interested parties can sign up here.