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WoW: Siege of Orgrimmar video covers all the new content in Patch 5.4

A new video from Blizzard introduces all the new content to come in its next major game update to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, Patch 5.4 — The Siege of Orgrimmar.

The headline feature of Patch 5.4 is the titular raid instance, in which members of the Alliance and Horde alike seek to invade the Orcish capital city of Orgrimmar and remove the renegade Warchief Garrosh Hellscream from power. The Siege of Orgrimmar starts in the ruined Vale of Eternal Blossoms and ends in a labyrinthine base underneath Ragefire Chasm, which is coincidentally the lowest-level instanced dungeon in the game.

Patch 5.4 introduces another difficulty setting for raids alongside this newest one. "Flex" raiding is meant to be a median point between the easier Looking For Raid difficulty and Normal raiding; it will allow raid groups to bring anywhere between 10 to 25 players and scale itself accordingly. Prior to this change, guilds could only bring either 10 or 25 players and would have to leave members out or recruit more to make up the difference.

For non-raiders, Patch 5.4 introduces the Timeless Isle, a place considered sacred by the Pandaren that exists outside of the normal flow of time. The Timeless Isle includes new rare monsters, hidden treasure chests and puzzles to solve, like platforming tests high in the sky above.

For the full list of new features in Patch 5.4, check out the preview post on the blog.