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Super Mario World score goes symphonic via Video Games Live

Super Mario World's score has been given a classical music makeover in a track that Video Games Live creator Tommy Tallarico premiered this morning in a Kickstarter blog post.

The symphonic medley of music from Super Mario World made its debut this morning on the blog, before even Nintendo heard it. Tallarico hopes that the "computerized mockup" will inspire Nintendo to give him permission to include it on his final project.

"A lot of people always ask me what my favorite video game of ALL TIME is," Tallarico wrote, "and I always say Super Mario World! I think from a design, control and gameplay standpoint it is the perfect game. It also has THE MOST impressive Mario music in the entire franchise in my opinion. SO MANY incredible songs in one game! It's mind blowing!"

Tallarico launched the Kickstarter project for Video Games Live: Level 3 last month, hoping to raise $250,000 to back production for and release an album including classical arrangements from games like BioShock, Portal and Tetris. As of this writing, it has received $194,452 in pledges from 3,841 backers with three days remaining.

You can check out the arrangement below.

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