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NinjaBee launching Nutjitsu Sept. 10 on Windows 8

Nutjitsu, the newest game from A World of Keflings developer NinjaBee, will be available tomorrow, Sept. 10, on Windows 8 in the Windows Store, the studio announced today.

NinjaBee is releasing Nutjitsu as an ad-supported free game, with a $1.49 ad-free premium version available as well. The studio also plans to launch the game on iOS and Android in the future.

In Nutjitsu, players take on the role of a ninja squirrel whose acorns have been stolen by foxes. The foxes are guarding the squirrel's precious nuts, and it's up to you to get them back by guiding the squirrel through a maze with touch controls. Nutjitsu features a hand-drawn art style and a feudal Japanese twist; the foxes are known as "kitsune," the Japanese word for "fox."

You can check out seven screenshots of Nutjitsu above. NinjaBee debuted the game at PAX East earlier this year.

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