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Awesomenauts is free to play until Sept. 15, DLC discounts abound

Ronimo Games' side-scrolling, accessible MOBA Awesomenauts is currently free-to-play through Steam, an offer than will come to an end on Sept. 15, the developer announced today.

For Awesomenauts newcomers who would prefer to own the game, they'll be able to purchase it at a 66 percent discount for just $3.39 or $6.79 for a three-pack. Downloadable content for the game is also currently 50 percent off. A pair of Costume Party DLC packs can be had for $7.49 each.

In August, Ronimo turned to Kickstarter to help fund the development of Awesomenauts: Starstorm, an expansion that will add new characters and new features. The developer reached its $125,000 fundraising goal in its first week. Currently, the game is inching toward its second stretch goal, which promises to add a new announcer. Awesomenauts: Starstorm's fundraising drive comes to a close on Sept. 18.

Awesomenauts is available for Windows PC, Mac and Linux through Steam.

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