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Man at Arms forges League of Legends' Zenith Blade

Master swordsmith Tony Swatton, star of the Man At Arms video series in which legendary weapons are forged, has turned his skills to League of Legends.

In a new episode of the show Swatton creates Leona's Zenith Blade, requested by fans of the game on a League of Legends forum. The fancy blade captured 43 percent of the forum vote, beating Hecarim's Polearm, Xin Zhao's Spear and Katarina's Daggers.

"The Zenith sword is a lot of work, a very technical piece to make," said Swatton, who has made over 200 swords for movies. "It's a balanced, working piece and I'm pretty happy with it."

Michael Mourino, senior concept artist at League of Legends' publisher Riot Games tested out the sword. "This is amazing. This is literally what I imagined when I drew it," he said. "We have teams of modelers and concept artists that make these characters. It's not just one guy, so this is amazing for any of them to see."

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