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Deadpool and other Marvel Activision titles delisted from digital stores (update)

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High Moon Studios' action beat-'em-up based on the Marvel Comics character Deadpool was delisted from Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on Dec. 31, only six months after the game's launch.

Both the game and its related downloadable content appear to have been removed from Steam's storefront; only a trailer for the game, released May 20, 2013, remains listed.

Deadpool was recently promoted as one of Steam's holiday titles. The game launched on June 25 for PlayStation 3, Windows PC and Xbox 360. The retail copies of the game are still available via stores like GameStop.

Licensed products have been known to be removed from sale if the licensing agreements between the developer and property owner have lapsed. We have reached out to Deadpool's publisher for comment.

Update: Activision's community manager Dan Amrich confirmed via Twitter that Marvel Activision titles are no longer available for download, which is why many of the games were recently on sale. Deadpool, X-Men: Origins, X-Men: Destiny, X-Men: The Official Game, Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows and their related DLC have been removed from digital stores.

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