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To the Moon Linux and Mac ports are 'not too far off'

Linux and Mac ports for Freebird Games' 2011 adventure role-playing game To the Moon are "not too far off," according to designer Kan Gao.

Speaking to Polygon, Gao confirmed that the Linux and Mac ports for the Windows PC games are still being worked. While he couldn't provide a timeline for when the ports will launch, he said the studio recent overcame a legal issue with the current game engine's end-user license agreement and is making progress on the ports.

Freebird Games released a holiday update to the title yesterday, adding a free "minisode" that stars the two characters from the original game: Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene. The minisode is 20 minutes long with no menus or save features and takes place during the holiday season.

Polygon's recent interview with Gao in which he also discusses Freebird Games' upcoming A Bird Story can be read here.

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