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Nidhogg coming to PC via Steam Jan. 13

Messhof's side-scrolling sword fighting game, Nidhogg, will launch on Jan. 13 for PC via Steam, the game's developers revealed today.

The announcement trailer (above) shows several different environments that will feature in the fast-paced title, such as castle, mines, clouds and wilds. IndieGames first reported in July that the game was due for a full release later in the year. According to the publication, a playable build of Nidghogg showcased at this year's Evo fighting game championship featured several abilities including dive kick, crawl, wall jump, roll under opponents and snap enemies necks in hand-to-hand combat.

Winning its first award in 2010, the dueling video game is the recipient of several accolades including the Game Design award at Indiecade 2013, as well as the Nuovo award at the Independent Games Festival 2011.

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