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Spider-Man 2 dev bringing Energy Hook to Sony platforms with cross-buy

Happion Laboratories' Energy Hook will arrive first this year on Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, developer Jamie Fristrom told Polygon.

The developer also told Polygon that Energy Hook will support Sony's cross-buy program, so those who purchase the game will receive copies for Sony's next-gen console and handheld.

Fristrom, who created the swinging mechanic for Spider-Man 2, launched the game as a $1 Kickstarter campaign last year. The crowdfunding campaign ended with $41,535 and plans for Linux, Mac and Windows versions. The PC release "will be more-or-less simultaneous" with the PlayStation versions, he said.

The developer describes Energy Hook as "a 3D swinging game like Spider-Man 2 had a love child with 'points-for-style' game SSX." Fristrom announced the PS4 and Vita versions in December 2013.

His partnership with Sony began when he saw a tweet last September from PlayStation Strategic Content Speaker Shahid Kamal Ahmad, asking developers what they would "want us to do to make developing for PS Vita your *first* port of call over *any* other platform?" After conversations with Ahmad, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Sony Computer Entertainment America, the PlayStation ports became a reality.

As far as ports to other ecosystems and hardware, Fristrom said it's a possibility, though there's nothing to announce.

"Microsoft and Nintendo and Ouya are a bit up in the air," he said.

For more on the developer's path to independence, Energy Hook and its unconventional path to development, be sure to read Polygon's interview with Fristrom.

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