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Sir, You Are Being Hunted studio releases free procedurally generated racer

A procedurally generated racing game from Sir, You Are Being Hunted lead programmer Tom Betts is available to try out for free from the studio's official website.

The Permutation Racer prototype, which can be downloaded for Windows PC or OSX systems, was finished off over Christmas, according to a blog post from the studio. The game sees you race against the clock to reach checkpoints and collect stars while avoiding barriers and spikes; however, it also includes mathematically generated tracks.

"This is just a prototype, so it's very simple, but we think you'll enjoy it. You might even recognise some of the procedural geometries from other images we've posted from our Lodestone project" reads the post.

The U.K. based company launched in 2010 before eventually developing its robot-centric procedural hunting game Sir, You Are Being Hunted. The exploration title Lodestone is currently on hold while the company continues development on Hunted.

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